VTech Small Business Phone System On Hold Message CM18445

The Vtech Small Business Phone System delivers!

Now you have a second choice when it comes to a truly affordable small office/home office (SOHO) phone system that works easily with on hold messages or music on hold.  The CM18445 VTech Small Business Phone System is a full featured 4 line phone system with all the features you need to handle your office phone calls.

VTech Small Business Phone System main unit boxWhat is impressive about this model is how easy it is to install a custom on hold message or music on hold.  You can transfer and store your custom on hold message to the VTech’s internal on hold message function.   This allows you to transfer in real time upto a 3 minute on hold or music on hold file, same as the AT&T Syn-j phone.  But what is notably better about the VTech vs. the AT&T is that the on hold message, once loaded onto base unit, plays in a random loop instead of starting from the beginning every time the hold button is pressed.   This may seem like a small detail until you go live with it and realize that 80% of your callers will only hear the first 30 seconds of your on hold message because it starts from the beginning every time you put callers on hold.   So chalk up an advantage for the Vtech Small Business Phone System over the AT&T Syn-j phones.

Another advantage of the Vtech Small Business Phone System I discovered while installing one for a customer that previously had the AT&T Syn-j system, is that it if you receive a phone call during the on hold message upload process, it will not stop the upload.   With the AT&T Syn-j, I actually had to disconnect the phone lines to prevent it from cutting off the upload.  The Vtech does not have this problem.  So, another small advantage over the AT&T Syn-j.

Good to see manufactures like Vtech and and AT&T finally developing phone hardware that allows for a simple and effective way to use on hold messages and music on hold.

Carlos Garcia,

President and Founder

Please Hold Advertising, Inc.