Personalized On Hold Message Offer

$49 Personalized On-Hold Message header
Let Your Callers Know You Mean Business!
Professional Female or Male Voice Talent
Our national broadcast quality voice talents are ready to record your custom on-hold message.  They’ll give your company the sound and feel that let’s callers know you mean business! 
Your Choice of High Quality Background Music
No 1970′s elevator music here! Our library of business grade music beds are the perfect backdrop to give you the phone image you’ve always wanted.  Categories include:  Motivational, Easy Listening Classical, Jazz, Tropical Island, Latin and much more!
Perfect For Your VOIP or Cloud PHone System
We’ll send you your custom on hold message in .mp3 or .wav format for easy loading to your VOIP or Cloud phone system.  Or you can load your new custom on-hold message on to most any message on hold player that uses a USB jump drive or memory card.
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