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PH USB 40 digital on hold message announcer

PH USB 40 on hold message announcer

On Hold Message Equipment


We are proud to provide the very best and most cost effective on hold message equipment available.  Our PH USB 40 digital on hold message player offers the latest in reliable digital playback of your Please Hold message.  The unit uses a USB flash drive to store and play back messages in standard MP3 audio format.   The big advantage of this unit is that it allows for easy loading of new message updates in the future.  We simply e-mail you the new message in an attached MP3 format which can then be copied to the PH USB 40′s USB drive from any computer, PC or Mac!  No more waiting for CD, memory chips or audio cassettes to arrive in the mail!  The unit is covered by an excellent 5 year parts and labor warranty.

On the rear of the unit (pictured on right) you see two audio outputs (yellow), 8 ohm and 600 ohm, to match your phone systems music on hold input.  Most phone systems will work fine and have optimal sound quality and audio level with the 8 ohm output.   These output jacks are standard RCA female similar to those found on many stereo or home theater systems.

On the far left of the rear of the PH USB 40 you will find the volume knob that controls the volume output level to your phone systems MOH (Music On Hold) input.  This allows for easy adjustment of volume and optimal sound quality.

ph usb40 digital on hold message announcer

PH USB40 – Rear View