On hold message for Syn-j phone


Finally, someone understands how to design a small business phone system that works easily with on hold messages and music on hold.  The AT&T Syn-J is a 4 line cordless business phone system packed with many PBX style features at an affordable price.  Of course it includes all you expect like caller id, memory dialing, full internal voice mail/auto attendant, speaker phone, etc.  But most impressive is how easy it is to use on-hold messages and music on hold with this system.

How to connect an on hold message for Syn-j phone system

External playback

An external on-hold message announcer can be connected directly to the base unit via a provided audio cable.  Simply connect the audio output of your on hold message announcer, mp3 player or other audio device to the Aux audio in of the base unit.   The audio then plays through the Syn-J whenever the hold button is pressed.

The advantage of using an external message on hold playback unit like the PH USB40 is that it allows you to use longer on hold messages or music on hold files.    Also, using an external playback unit makes it easier and faster to change the message, especially if you update your on hold message on a regular basis.

Internal playback.


The Syn-J can internally store up to a 3 minute recording of a message on hold or music on hold.   Using the aux audio input on the right side of the base unit, connect the provided audio cable to the headphone output of your smartphone,  laptop or desktop computer.  Cue up the on hold message recording on your device and using the Syn-J’s on screen user interface, locate “message on hold” recording feature.  Press record on the Syn-J, then play the file from your external device.  The Syn-J will capture the audio in real time and store it to it’s internal memory.  Once stored into the base unit, the message on hold or music on hold audio that you loaded will playback whenever the hold button is pressed from the base unit or cordless handsets that are paired with the system.

Here is a link you can use to learn more about the ATT Syn-j phone system.