Music On Hold Samples

Music on hold audio samples. The perfect image for your Please Hold on hold message. Our extensive library of royalty free music is carefully matched to each clients individual sound image profile. If you are looking to audition actual on hold message recordings related to your industry or profession, then check out our on hold message sample page.

Below are over 40 music on hold samples for you to audition.  Please scroll down in the player to view all the available music on hold tracks.  To play a track just click on it and turn up the volume on your speakers.

Music On Hold

woman listening to music on holdMusic on hold combined with the right voice message about your company can greatly improve the way you communicate with your customer and clients when you have to put them on hold.  Granted, no business wants to intentionally put callers on hold, but it happens more often than we think during the normal course of a busy day.

The goal of excellent customer service is to handle every call personally with a focus on helping each caller with their needs.  Though sometimes, this is not possible.  Its either put the caller on hold and answer the next incoming call or let it go to voice mail.   Given that choice, most business owners and top level management would choose to put the calls on hold and provide a personal touch to other incoming callers rather than letting them go to voice mail and hope that they leave a message.  The personal touch of a live human voice answering the call wins every time over voice mail.  Even if its to say hello and  take a message for a quick call back.

During these times a custom music on hold or on hold message program can keep your caller engaged with your company.  Take advantage of these captive callers with a professionally crafted on hold message from Please Hold Advertising.  We know what callers placed on hold should hear and want to hear.   Leverage hold time to improve your company image, cross market products and services, announce your social media campaigns on Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Instagram, YouTube and so much more.  Get a price quote now for a custom on hold message or music on hold program.

no radio on holdUsing a radio on hold may sound like a cheap, low cost idea for your music on hold source, but like the adage says, “you get what you paid for”.  Imagine putting your caller on hold only to have them hear a radio commercial for your competitor.  Yikes!  Embarrassing?  Perhaps.  Foolish on the part of the business? Absolutely.  In fact, using a radio for music on hold is actually illegal unless you obtain the correct licensing from music publishers and royalty clearing houses like BMI.  Not to mention that you can’t control what your caller is hearing on a radio on hold and lets not forget that static and interference is a common problem.  Our recommendation is to ditch the radio on hold sooner than later.

“Hey, we use the  free on line music service Pandora for our telephone  music on hold, we’re covered and don’t have to pay, right?”.  News flash; No, your are not “covered”.   According the the Pandora terms of use, item 10 subsection a.  “Use of Pandora for your business requires a special license to a separate service which is provided by our partner DMX, Inc. You may only use the Pandora Service in the United States for business use if you have met all of the following conditions.”  Even if you go legit and pay for the license, music alone will not sell your products and services.  Only a custom on hold message with music will do the job and do it professionally.

upset lady on phone small“Ok, wise guy then we’ll just use the music I paid for in my iTunes library.  There! Done.” –  Sorry to break it to you, but. . . . No you’re still not allowed to use the music you purchase from iTunes or any other music source for that matter.  You see, the copyright laws give full ownership of the music to the author and or copyright holder.  You may own the CD or the device the music resides on, but you don’t own the songs or have the legal right to use them to entertain your callers or customers on hold without paying the proper licensing fees.   So therefore you will still have to pay a licensing fee to use your music to entertain your business callers on hold.  Read here for more details.


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