Free On-Hold Messages for Everyone!

Free On Hold Messages?

You heard right.  Please Hold is offering free on hold messages with music!  These standard or “generic” on hold messages are available for free download in .mp3 or .wav audio format.

Since so many businesses are opting to ditch their old PBX phone systems for VOIP, there is an opportunity for to take advantage of most VOIP systems to easily change or update on hold messages.  Some new VOIP systems come with “plain jane” elevator music or worse, a short loop of music that becomes very annoying after only a few seconds of being on hold.  As a solution to this problem, Please Hold Advertising is proud to offer our high quality free on hold messages.  Below is a short sample of our free female on hold message that you can download at no cost.  Just click on the link in this post.

Most VoIP or cloud based phone systems will require you to load the on hold messages in .wav format.  And usually the .wav file will require specifically these parameters: Format CCITT u-law, 8.00 Khz, 8 bit, Mono.  This is actually a super low resolution format.  In fact if you listen to it on your speakers you can immediately notice the difference between it and a full high resolution .wav file in 44.1 Khz CD quality.  But when you install it on your VoIP system, amazingly, it sounds great!  This is due to the fact that telephone systems, and handsets, are low resolution playback sources.  For the purposes of “telephony” applications this is the standard.

We are glad to offer these free on hold messages to our website visitors and hope they help improve their phone image.   After all – “Your Image Is On The Line”.