Converting audio files for voip phones

Congratulations on making the switch to a VOIP phone system(Voice Over Internet Protocol) .  Now you need to upload your new on hold message, voice greeting or music on hold to your system in .wav format.   But how do you do this when your file is in .mp3 or a high resolution/large file .wav format you ask?  Here’s how!

Download the FREE version for Windows of Switch Audio Converter by NCH Software.   This great little program works like a champ for converting audio files from any audio format to just about any other format.  For the purposes of VOIP phones you will most likely need to convert to a .wav format.

Here is a video showing how I use Switch Audio Converter for converting audio files for voip phones.

Once you download the program to your computer,  simply load your original source audio file in any format and select the desired output format for your voip application.  For most VOIP systems you’ll need to convert to a .wav format in a very low resolution format (8000 Hz, 8 bit mono, mu-law or PCM).  The file resolutions are very low resolution formats that my sound “thin” or “tinny” when compared to the original file.  But when you load them into your VOIP system, they will sound clear.

If after you load your newly converted audio files to your system and they sound “hiss y”  or the “s” on certain words overdrive or sound distorted, then try lowering the output volume of the original source file a bit.  Then reconvert them using Switch and see if this improves the result.  We have to remember that the playback source where these audio files will be heard is a telephone and not a high definition sound system.

I hope this help you in converting audio files for voip phones.

Carlos Garcia

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