How an Additional Phone Number Can Benefit Your Business

Guest blog written by Aaron Shames – President/CEO of VoIPITS INC. Aaron has been an expert in the telecommunications industry for almost a decade and specializes in small business solutions.

Learn How an Additional Phone Number Can Improve your Business Today!

Get additional phone numbers from VoIPITS todayThe telephone line is in many ways the lifeblood of a business, and your direct connection to both your customers and vendors. As telecommunications infrastructure continues to develop, more and more businesses are finding themselves able to take advantage of new telephone technology, including additional phone numbers to really help them generate extra revenue.

Let’s take a look at a few of the benefits adding an additional phone number in other municipalities, regions, states, or even countries can have for a business:

Gives the Impression of Size

If people are able to see that your business has multiple phone numbers spread across a wide geographic area, that gives them a certain impression of size and stability – even if all the calls are being routed to the same PBX or VoIP hub. Your business can take advantage of this impression by adding a few additional phone numbers in non-local areas where you frequently do business.

Capacity to Receive Extra Calls

When you add additional phone numbers, you will be able to feed them directly into your existing telephony solution your business is currently utilizing without having to make a lot of difficult or time-consuming changes to the overall system. This means that if lines are tied up, you can use a hunt group to reroute and park calls, ensuring both a seamless experience for your customers as well as granting you the ability to never drop or miss a call again.

Encourages Those to Call Who Otherwise Would Not

Some people may only patronize your business if you provide them with a local number – no matter how good your service or how low your prices. Offering this type of customer the ability to contact you with a local call enables you to capture a certain segment of your target demographic you would otherwise almost certainly lose. As low as the cost of each additional phone number is these days, there is little reason to object.

If you are looking for a way to help generate some extra revenue, you may want to consider adding a few additional phone numbers, particularly in markets where you may not have an office or physical presence, but still conduct a substantial portion of your business. As these additional phone numbers cost only a few dollars each on a monthly basis, this is an extremely cost-effective investment for most businesses to make.